From Bar Soap to Serums: Understanding the Shift in Men’s Skincare Trends

If you’ve been noticing an influx in men’s skincare products online and in-stores lately you aren’t alone! Major beauty brands such as Clinique and Aesop are now offering men’s grooming products for the face and body. Even male celebrities are starting to hop on the trend. Both Pharell Williams (Humanrace) and Idris Elba (S’able Labs) have entered the men’s skincare and grooming market with their own product lines—not to mention beauty and skincare influencers such as Hyram (Selfless). Given the pervasiveness of the trend, it’s clear that men’s skincare trends have moved way past the era of bar soap-only for washing your face. 

As you’ll discover in this article, the time for entering this ultra-hot market couldn’t be better. At Blanka, we can ensure your male customers are well-taken care of by offering a selection of products formulated to make their skin look and feel amazing. 

By the numbers: key statistics and trends in men’s skincare market growth

The men’s skincare market continues to grow in value, revealing a customer demographic that not only has money to spend but that has specific cosmetic needs.

  • The entire industry is experiencing an upswing! In 2022 the global male skincare  market was worth 12.98 billion USD—by 2027 it is set to be valued at an estimated 19.27 billion USD.
  • Men want to spend money on looking (and feeling!) good. In a report released by the Global Cosmetics Industry, 800 men were surveyed about their spending habits when it comes to personal grooming products. Fifty-six percent reported spending between $26 and $100 per month on personal care products. Out of  those men, 35% reported purchasing both inexpensive and high end products.
  • According to the same report, men are spending more in general on the products they use. Compared to five years ago, 56% of men spend more on skin care products for the face, 44% spend more on body skin care, and 39% spend more on hair care than previous years.
  • Men’s skincare has a massive presence on social media, with hashtags such as #mensskincareroutine seeing hundreds of millions of views.
  • Men are looking for Holy Grail products. One report showed that a significant number of men aren’t happy with their current grooming products: 
    • Twenty-seven percent of those surveyed were unsatisfied with their current skincare products. 
    • Out of that 27%, 33% thought that their moisturizer did an inadequate job softening their skin and preventing damage. 
    • Thirty-three percent were looking for better-performing products to combat dark undereye areas or bags. 
    • Twenty-eight percent were dissatisfied with how their products for fine lines and wrinkles were performing.

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Why are men’s grooming products becoming more popular?

The impetus behind the boom in men’s skin care is multi-faceted and is influenced by changing social norms, economic factors, and the impact of social media.

  • There has been a cultural shift when it comes to concepts of masculinity, gender, well-being, and self-care. Skincare and other forms of self-care have been, until quite recently, marketed as decidedly for women. Now, beauty influencers are changing the narrative and demonstrating how self-care is for everyone.
  • Large personal care brands, such as Dove and Kiehl’s, have pushed skincare for men into the mainstream, making them widely available to a larger audience.
  • Even more evidence that skin care for men has made it into the mainstream: Both GQ and Men’s Health have written in-depth guides to creating multi-step and multi-product routines.

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Self-care for all: making gender neutral skincare a part of your brand

Marketing skincare products as being gender neutral is a fantastic way to increase your audience. This will not only spread the reach of your brand, it will also promote the importance of inclusivity while simplifying and streamlining the shopping experience for your customers. 

Blanka offers an inclusive line of unbranded, best-quality serums for a wide range of skin concerns:

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Launching a line of skincare and beauty products for men is a simple-yet-effective way to increase revenue, widen your sales audience, and promote an ethos of positive inclusivity for your brand. 

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