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We have modernized the way to create custom private label makeup and skincare products. Thinking about developing a new product? You have come to the right place!

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You have nailed down a best-selling formula, but now you want to customize your product's look to your unique brand. We're here to help bring your repackaging vision to life!

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Quickly & easily create custom private label cosmetics

Blanka Labs develops and manufactures beauty and skincare products that best align your brand and product roadmap, based on the latest industry trends.


– Blanka’s unique 4-step process –

The modern way to custom formulate beauty products

1 | Ideation & Creation

Custom-made products tailored to your specific needs or choose from 1000s of existing beauty and skincare formulas.

2 | Formulation & Testing

Our beauty experts and lab technicians create your custom formula, adhering to stringent testing, and safety standards.

3 | Manufacturer with Low MOQs

Start small with low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) and minimal investment to test your products before scaling up.

4 | Packaging

Choose custom packaging to create a unique look that sets your products apart from the rest.