5 best Shopify themes for your beauty store

Do you want to sell your cosmetics with Shopify but you’re not sure what the best theme to use is? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, you’ll find the best Shopify themes for your private label beauty store. You might even be surprised to find out that there are lots of well-known cosmetics brands that also use Shopify themes to sell their products!

When it comes to picking the best Shopify themes for your ecommerce cosmetics store, think about how the store can reflect your beauty brand’s vision and packaging. An aesthetically pleasing store that loads quickly and is easy to use can help attract customers and engage new visitors.

Not only do you want your store to look beautiful, you also want to think about how your customers can easily navigate your store. From finding products to checking out, it should be a fast and seamless process from A to B. This is why we recommend new merchants on Shopify to try out the original free themes to understand how building an online store works before purchasing a premium beauty Shopify theme.

Before we dive into the best Shopify themes you can try, here are some big beauty and cosmetics brands that use Shopify to sell their products and grow their business!


Kylie Cosmetics homepage


Kylie Cosmetics

In 2019 alone, Kylie Cosmetics made over 350 million dollars, all through its online store with a beauty Shopify theme.

Some of the feature highlights on the Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store are:

collection example


Collections and Kits

Easy browsing through collections and kits. Their bundled products give customers an option to buy more products for a cheaper price but it can drive up average order value for their business.

discover example


Bold Navigation Bar

The boldness of their top navigation bar is simple but eye-catching! We especially love the “Discover” page. It’s a creative way to invite new customers to shop Kylie’s signature looks! The Discover page shows how Kylie Cosmetics knows why their customers come to the site – to shop the products that Kylie Kardashian uses.

elf cosmetics banner


E.l.f. Cosmetics (Aus)

Known for their clean beauty, E.l.f. Cosmetics is a well-loved drugstore brand that made its way online with Shopify. First starting off on Shopify to build their brand, E.l.f Cosmetics branched out to create a standalone website with Shopify for their Australian markets.

Some of the top features we want to highlight on their Shopify website are:

e.l.f. beauty page


Best Sellers Section

Their Best Sellers section is a great place to show off their top-selling products that they know new customers will love! The swatch photos are an added bonus for an extra pop to their homepage. Showcase your top products with a best sellers section on your website to grab your customers’ attention!

review page

Prominent star review ratings

E.l.f. Cosmetics has always made an effort to ask their customers for star ratings. They include the unique details in their review page to boost authenticity of their reviews and encourage sales for new customers.

A unique detail includes using the “Verified Buyer” label. This is an integration that you can also use for your Shopify store to check for authentic buyers’ reviews. Not only do real reviews help you gain feedback on your products, it also gives new customers some comfort that real people have bought your products.

Lastly, not many sites filter reviews by star-rating but E.l.f. Cosmetics’ review page does! Giving your customers a chance to read through all reviews, no matter how low of a rating, shows transparency and trust.

Might as well! Reviews can only help your business out!

Main Points

For both of these well-known beauty brands, their sites load extremely quickly and are mobile friendly using responsive web design. Taking account of mobile users can drive traffic to your store as more and more people use their mobile phones to shop these days. It’s estimated that over 69% of people who use the internet prefer shopping through their phones.

Lastly, their websites are very simple for users to navigate and easy on the eyes. Both websites refrain from using flashy animations and complex designs colors that might distract customers from viewing what matters most – their products. So let your products do the talking!

Without further ado, here are the top 5 beauty Shopify themes for your beauty store that you can try today!

Top 5 Shopify Themes for your Beauty Store

1. Simple & Clean beauty Shopify theme

clean shopify beauty theme

Looking for a clean-looking Shopify theme? Check out Envato’s theme, Comfortic! With Envato, you can download as many themes as you wish with one monthly payment.

Although Envato has themes for any niche, we found that Comfortic theme is suitable for “clean beauty” cosmetics stores. Choose lifestyle images that incorporate natural abstract images to complement your clean beauty products. You can also consider using plain backgrounds to compliment solid colors that are built in within the theme.

Some special features you can customize are its image loaders, Google web font integrations, image sliders, blog page designs and more

2. Elegant beauty Shopify theme

For an elegant and luxurious Shopify theme, check out Brilliance Shopify theme by Template Monster.

If your box packaging is sleek and sexy, this can be a good Shopify theme for you! Of course, you can customize elements to suit your brand but the main features we like are its integrated currency exchange feature, web forms, and chat bots that you can use once downloaded and installed on your Shopify store.

3. Chic beauty Shopify theme

Shopify 2.0 example

Have you heard of Shopify’s latest theme functionality to help you customize your site called Online Store 2.0? It’s a new way for entrepreneurs to build their websites without the fuss of coding! A simple drag and drop feature so you can easily build a store like this. Faster website loading speed, easy customization for clean aesthetics, you will love that this Shopify theme, “Dawn” is absolutely free!

4. Neutral Tone Shopify theme

shopify theme with earthy tones

Creative Market sells an earthy toned Shopify theme called Clean Shopify theme by easywebsitethemes. You can view their demo test store that you can try out yourself (just plug in the password: ineedthis).

With subtle earth tones and neutral colors in a simple layout, this theme was specifically designed to compliment skincare and beauty lines. The bundle includes everything from the first homepage that your visitors see, to the checkout page where they end their online experience with your brand.

Unsure of how to set it up yourself? They also offer a video tutorial with its purchase! How easy is that?

5. Free Shopify beauty theme

free shopify store

Looking for something free before purchasing and building your beauty store? Try Simple on Shopify for free. We know that building websites can be confusing for beginners so we recommend playing around with Shopify on their free templates to figure out the best way to customize your branding. Check out their helpful how-to guides on Themes!


Finding the best Shopify themes for your beauty brand can be difficult. But with any theme, they are all customizable so you can pick and choose elements and features that best fit your brand and comfort level!

We especially want to highlight Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 themes for easy website building. It completely eliminates the need for a developer to help you build your dream online beauty store. With easy drop-and-drop capabilities and new features to help merchants like you build your first website, it’s a no-brainer to give it a try!

Remember that you don’t have to stick with the original Shopify theme you choose and know you can always change page elements and photos over time!

We hope using our suggestions will help you find the perfect beauty theme for your store! With different style themes, you can play around with design until you feel it’s the right aesthetic you’re looking for to showcase your cosmetics or beauty brand.

If you’re looking to start your own private label beauty brand on Shopify, sign up with Blanka and get a 14 day free trial of any plan today! Our simple integration with Shopify will have you selling your own branded products online in a few clicks.

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