Build a Sustainable Barbershop Business in 2024

Thanks to dedication, impeccable technical skills, and a love of exemplary customer service, you’re building a sustainable barbershop business with a loyal clientele following. Ready to take your revenue to the next level? This article is packed with tips to help you bolster your existing earnings by taking advantage of one of the biggest beauty trends in the world: personal grooming products and tools for men.

Personal grooming products for men are basking in some well-deserved time in the spotlight. An ultra hot commodity in terms of market value, sales of these products—which sat at an already-impressive $84.7 billion in 2023—are expected to exceed $115 billion by 2028. 

Not only is the male grooming niche becoming part of the mainstream, current statistics support longevity and growth using several metrics:

  • The market value of beard grooming products is set to surpass $41 billion by the year  2028—a significant increase from value in 2023, which sat at $27.4 billion.
  • From 2021 to 2026, the market size of men’s hair care and styling products is predicted to grow by over $12 billion
  • An analysis of Top 1000 health and beauty retailers found that only 15.8% of ecommerce brands specialize in men’s grooming and skincare products, making this a significantly untapped market for attracting and retaining new clients.
  • A 2022 survey examining the spending habits of both men and women who regularly spent at least $100 per month on personal beauty and grooming products found that 55% of high value shoppers were men. 
  • The male high value shoppers referenced above use over six personal care products in their daily grooming routine. Men who aren’t high value shoppers tend to use less than three.

Make use of cross-selling tactics whenever possible

Cross-selling is a sales method that involves selling additional products to your pre-existing customer base. Cross-selling is a tried-and-true business practice that has been shown to increase a retailer’s revenue by up to 39% while also increasing overall sales for 65% of companies who use various cross-selling methods.

At Blanka, supporting your cross-selling strategies is an integral part of our business model. We offer a wide selection of unbranded men’s grooming products as well as the opportunity to create custom formulations for your unique client base. 


Offer product bundles

A barbershop is an ideal setting to offer product bundling, which is the sales method of selling two or more products or services together for a single price. According to a 2023 report, product bundling is a cross-selling technique that is preferred by 60% of customers.

Consider the Blanka grooming kit, an all-in-one purchase that includes professional scissors, a comb, and a beard brush. From trim to maintenance, your customer will have everything they need to maintain their appearance between trips to the barber.

Try this pre-bundled selection of our top selling grooming products:

Alternatively, you can opt to exercise creative control by bundling complementary products that you’ve chosen from the Blanka catalogue. 

Create your very own barbershop product line with Blanka

Sell grooming products with your brand logo 

Selling products and tools with your brand logo is a simple-yet-effective sales strategy that can produce myriad positive results with little-to-no-effort on your behalf. 

By including your personal branding on grooming products, tools, and your actual work space/salon, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Increase your brand recognition: Customers who become familiar with your logo at a  trusted barbershop are more likely to trust the quality of grooming products bearing the same logo.
  • Take your business beyond the shop: Clients will bring your products into their own homes and away from your physical barbershop which, in turn, increases brand visibility and the likelihood of mouth-to-mouth advertising.

Does your brand need a custom logo? Let our expert team of designers craft an eye-catching logo design that perfectly aligns with your brand.

Diversify your revenue stream

Cross-selling and adding your logo to grooming products are both efficient-yet-effective methods for diversifying your income stream. When it comes to padding your bank account to make up for slower business periods, consider adding any or all of the following techniques to your current business model:

  • Do your customers know you as the Master of the Fade or as an Exemplary Beard Trimmer? Consider offering workshops—either for clients of peers in the industry—where you can share your skills with others.
  • Add gift cards to your services roster if you haven’t already, this can be a fantastic way to encourage mouth-to-mouth promotion.
  • Be sure to raise your prices annually to meet inflation costs and rent increases. 


It’s never been easier to take advantage of the booming trend of men’s personal care grooming products to build a sustainable barbershop business. Using cross-selling techniques and including your logo on package and salon design increase brand visibility while diversifying your income. To get started, check out Blanka’s line of male grooming products or design a unique custom formulation with Blanka Labs.


Looking for more ways to build a sustainable barbershop business in 2024?

Check out these resources to help you get started:

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