Personal Branding 101: Why Creators are Turning into Successful Brand Owners

What do the brands Live Tinted, Summer Fridays, and EM Cosmetics have in common? Other than being in the beauty realm, these are all wildly successful brands that have been created by social media influencers (Deepica Mutyala, Lauren Ireland, and Michelle Phan respectively). By leveraging factors such as audience trust and community participation, these creators were able to increase not only their revenue streams but also their follower count.

Want to learn more about the role personal branding has on marketing a thriving skincare collection? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the important role personal branding for creators plays when it comes to creating a successful beauty and skincare line.

Why is creator branding key to your success as a beauty brand owner?

As an entrepreneur, your influencer status supplies you and your business venture with several major advantages. Namely (and most significantly), a captive audience that not only appreciates—but trusts—your expertise. 

As a growing body of information shows, the influencer advantage is a well-documented phenomenon. A 2023 Beauty Matter report on US Influencer Marketing Impact revealed that 61% of respondents who were surveyed felt that content creators had an impact on their purchasing habits. The same report states that 53% looked to the proficiency of influencers for product recommendations.

The selling power of quality content can’t be overstated—something you’re certainly already well-aware of as a content creator. Unlike traditional ads, people are more likely to watch their favourite creator recommend a product. According to a recent survey, almost half of all respondents believe influencer recommendations are more engaging than traditional ads.

The expansion of the influencer marketing industry is showing no signs of slowing down. In 2022 the industry was worth $16.4 billion; in 2024 it’s currently valued at over $21.1 billion—an impressive 29% increase from the following year. 

Why combine your social brand with a physical beauty or skincare product? As it turns out, influencer marketing isn’t the only relevant trend on an upward trajectory. Going by recent customer data reports, independent beauty brands are growing at a rate that exceeds the growth rate of the entire beauty and growth market as a whole.

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What are the advantages of influencer marketing?

As a successful content creator, it’s a given that you already possess the skills to engage with and influence a large audience. Consider the following characteristics of an effective influencer:

  • Authenticity (through storytelling and transparency)
  • Expertise
  • Interest in community (in the case of the creator, this can be measured by the strength of the relationship between influencer and follower) 
  • Resilience
  • Trustworthiness (through a solid brand ethos, quality, products, and a commitment to sustainability)
  • Passion

This collection of traits has a strong overlap with that of a successful entrepreneur—particularly authenticity, resilience, and trust. Thanks to your already-established-audience and community management skills, your customers have a connection to your brand (which means they’re more likely to feel highly satisfied with your services).

Starting a creator-owned brand gives you creative control

From logo design to marketing strategy, selling your own personally branded beauty and skincare products gives you ultimate creative control when it comes to business decisions both large and small. 

Blanka gives creators the opportunity to bring their brand’s unique aesthetic to life by offering professional logo and packaging design, insert cards, and custom catalogue design. 

To showcase your creativity via the product itself, we invite you to work with our team at Blanka Labs to create custom formulated products that are best-suited to the needs of your customer base and following.

several empty unbranded bottles and pots that say “Your Logo” sit against a neutral horizon.


Personally branded products will help you connect more deeply with your community.

Whether your existing community is already deeply invested in a set of shared values (for example, a love of plant-based, sustainable beauty products) or you have a devout following as an expert in your field, your relationship with your community is integral to the success of your brand.

As a beauty influencer with a devoted following, you can also leverage the support of your community for marketing purposes, inviting them to leave reviews and other user-generated content to support your brand.

At Blanka, our beauty and skincare products are manufactured in North America from top-quality, cruelty-free (and often vegan) ingredients. Sign up for your free Blanka account and browse through our online catalog, where you can find hundreds of unbranded items at your fingertips.


Marketing your own brand of beauty and skincare products is financially empowering

Starting your own line of skincare and beauty products is an effective way to diversify your income while opening up additional streams of revenue. Because your recommendations are so trusted by your followers, you have the influence to drive up sales of your products. An added bonus? Because you’re selling your own line of personally branded products you eliminate the need to create branded content for a fee or on commission for other brands or agencies—all of your focus can be put towards marketing for your own brand. 

For example, if you're an independent makeup artist with a large following, starting your own makeup brand can be a great way to add a new stream of revenue and start promoting your own brand alongside other brands you use in your makeup routines. 

Starting your own influencer-owned beauty brand with Blanka

Blanka is your one-stop-app for getting your beauty and skincare line started in as little as 5 minutes. Simply choose your products, either customize products for your own private label or choose from hundreds of unbranded products which can instantly be sold in your shop! 

With no order quantity minimums and no order fees, we take control of dropshipping to your customer so that you don’t have to worry about inventory or shipping logistics, and can focus on selling and marketing your products! 

Are you an influencer with a strong follower base?

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