How to add additional streams of revenue as a makeup artist in 2024

Ready to increase your earnings as a makeup artist using additional and reliable streams of revenue in 2024?

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned owner of a makeup artistry business or you identify as an enthusiastic entrepreneur just getting started in the industry, there’s no denying that the cost of running a small business in the service industry is constantly on the rise. As a profession that is home to many freelance contractors, the field of makeup artistry is particularly sensitive to ever-increasing costs associated with the industry.

From the long list of professional quality cosmetics and tools needed to stock a makeup artist’s kit to the perpetually increasing financial requirements needed to rent commercial real estate (not to mention the constant expectation to update certifications and complete additional education), owning your own business as a makeup artist can be a decidedly expensive endeavour. 

What if it was possible to elevate your earnings by starting your own line of branded cosmetics using a zero risk, zero minimum subscription service that requires zero commitment?

At Blanka, we have all the tools you need to grow your business as a makeup artist and entrepreneur—no upfront capital or major commitment required.

Boost your money-making potential as a makeup artist with Blanka

Consider the traditional chain of events that occurs when it comes to developing and distributing an independent line of cosmetics. This process includes researching suppliers, purchasing large quantities of product upfront,  as well as the overwhelming world of regular and dropshipping logistics. 

At Blanka, you can choose from hundreds of unbranded cosmetics or create your own custom formulation with the support of Blanka Labs. Blanka subscribers can then order samples, customize their logo and packaging design, have their products stored in a warehouse, and enjoy hands-free printing and dropshipping services.

How to bypass makeup artist earning limitations

The biggest obstacle for entrepreneurs in the service industry is time. In other words, makeup artists tend to make their earnings based on the number of appointments they have. If you rely on makeup artistry as a sole source of income, you might find yourself stressing about money when business is quieter. 

One of the best methods for combatting this issue is to use cross-selling as a means for  passive income.

The value of cross-selling to enhance your income as a makeup artist

By creating your own brand of high-quality products, you can engage in cross-selling. Cross-selling is a sales technique that involves selling complementary products in conjunction with the main service you provide. 

In the context of a makeup artist business, cross-selling complementary cosmetics for the eyes, lips, or face (not to mention makeup accessories such as brushes, sponges, bags, and other indispensable tools), can have a positive, money-making impact on your small business in several different ways.

Cross-selling increases your AOV

Cross-selling private label cosmetics is a fantastic way to increase your average order value. In case you need a quick reminder, the term AOV refers to the average dollar amount spent per transaction. When applying makeup to clients, be sure to mention the products used that are a part of your line of cosmetics.

Selling makeup with your logo encourages word-of-mouth marketing

Products that feature your logo help build customer loyalty while attracting new clients, all  without having to spend money on traditional advertising methods. Clients are able to purchase your products based directly on your expertise and skills—not to mention further recommending them to friends, family, and online followers.

Use cross-selling for a competitive edge

It never hurts to have a competitive edge, and cross-selling your own private line of cosmetics is an effective way to keep ahead of the competition. A set of curated makeup products for the eyes, lips, and/or face—not to mention a plethora of accessories—adds value to the customer service experience while at the same time potentially attracting new clients.

Diversify your income stream as a makeup artist

Cross-selling your own line of cosmetics diversifies your income stream. By offering a complementary product alongside your regular service, you’ll discover that some of the financial pressure is alleviated during quieter periods for your business.

Are you ready to explore a boost in revenue as a makeup artist?


Looking for more high-impact ways to maximize your revenue as a makeup artist?

Grow your earnings to an even greater degree by monetizing in the following areas:

  • Increase your existing prices! Inflation, expertise, efficiency—these are all good reasons to raise your current fees (not to mention, this technique is more likely to have the most immediate positive effect on your bank account).
  • Offer basic digital tutorials for-purchase in the form of subscription-based videos, courses, seminars, and e-books. 
  • Known for a particular niche service? Consider designing and conducting courses either in-person or online that delve into your area of expertise.
  • Online booking services make your services easily accessible and gives your clients the freedom to schedule, reschedule, and cancel as needed.
  • Provide gift cards for new clients—another way to take advantage of mouth-to-mouth passive marketing. 
  • Create service bundles and lightly discounted package deals for group events.

Get started with Blanka today and receive immediate access to thousands of cruelty-free products, custom design and labelling, inventory storage, shipping fulfilment services as well as dedicated customer service support. 

In search of a zero risk, zero minimum, and zero commitment method to designing the private label cosmetics product of your dreams? 

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