5 Reasons why custom packaging is important in the beauty industry

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In the beauty industry, it’s crucial to create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. This can be done by using customized packaging for your beauty products.  It’s also a great way to strengthen your branding, and to communicate your brand values to your customers. 

This article will explain how custom packaging can benefit your beauty or skincare business in terms of strengthening your branding, ensuring that your products get delivered safely, increasing sustainability of the brand and ensuring that your customers have a memorable experience when unboxing.

But before we dive into the advantages of using custom packaging, let's take a step back and understand what custom packaging is. 

Table of contents 

What is custom packaging?

  1. Build your beauty brand with custom packaging
  2. Product safety with custom packaging 
  3. Go green with custom packaging
  4. More cost effective for your beauty brand
  5. Memorable unboxing experience with custom packaging
  6. Conclusion

What is custom packaging? 

Custom packaging is when a box or envelope is created specifically for a particular product.  The dimensions of the box are selected in a way that it provides optimum support to the product that needs to go in it rather than just a standardized sized box. When a package is specially designed for your brand, it reflects your brand and ensures that your product gets delivered to the customers safely.

The custom box can reflect your brand in multiple ways. It can have your brand’s logo or brand’s colors on it. When it comes to designing your custom packaging, the sky's the limit with options for colors and printing, size and shape. You can even add custom ribbons, stickers or tape.

Custom packaging allows you to help your brand stand out from the competition. With the ever growing popularity of the beauty industry, custom packaging is of huge importance. This is the time of viral unboxing videos and how your beauty or skincare products are packaged can define your brand. Your brand can be expressed by packaging!

Check out these five reasons that our packaging experts have compiled as to why custom packaging is a great branding tool, what to look for, and how Arka can help you with the entire process.

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1. Build your brand

For a beauty company, branding can be as important as the product itself. Branding can be shown throughout the process of customized packaging with the use of colors, packing materials, and more.

Beauty brands can create  customized cosmetics and skin care products to help build their brand on shelves and for customer’s to continue using their products. While that is very important, in order to create brand awareness, distinctive and unique product packaging is equally important. Product packaging can also help boost brand awareness. Your packaging can have your business name, logo, and brand colors. If your registered business name is too lengthy to use on your packaging, you can apply for a DBA name. To save time, hire professional business formation service providers like Inc Authority to guide you through applying for a DBA. Take a look at this Inc Authority review by GovDocFiling to see if it meets your business needs. 

Packaging of beauty products can be customized by more than just the shape and size of the package. Companies can also use packaging extras, such as:

  • Tissues
  • Ribbons 
  • Stickers 
  • Tapes
  • And more! 

The European Journal of Scientific Research published a study on the impact of product packaging on consumer’s buying behavior in which they detail the importance of using colors and images on packaging to draw attention to your product (in a good way of course!). 

Custom packaging is one of the best ways to build your beauty brand from manufacturing to point of sale.

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2. Keeping your product safe 

Product safety is just as important as how the packaging looks. Most beauty products are fragile and hence it is of utmost importance that they are packaged in a way that they reach the customer in pristine condition. 

It is strongly recommended that the beauty products are packaged in protective material or put in custom inserts so they remain safe. 

By ensuring that your products are safely packaged, you also minimize the chances of returns and inconveniences that come with the returns process. This increases customer satisfaction and in the long run, builds customer loyalty. 

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3. Reduce the human footprint

When it comes to packaging, most beauty brands are challenged with finding ways to reduce their impact on the environment.

While traditional product packaging materials like plastic and glass may be recyclable, they can still be harmful to our planet so it’s even more important to help reduce your impact in other ways.

There are many ways that your company can become more sustainable in the beauty industry. One great way is to invest in eco-friendly packaging to ship your beauty products without sacrificing aesthetics or function.

Here are two common types of sustainable packaging for the beauty industry:

  1. Recyclable materials

Reduce the impact by using recyclable containers that can be easily disposed of without harming our ecosystem.

  1. Reusable materials

Reuse by employing refillable containers and developing systems that enable consumers to replenish products instead of purchasing new ones.

For example, Blanka uses recyclable packaging to ship every order!

4. More cost effective for your brand

Another way that custom packaging can be beneficial is the ways it can be cost effective for your business! Most beauty products are not big or bulky, but you still have to pay the shipping costs associated with the big boxes. 

Shipping your cosmetics in custom boxes can save your business a lot of money in shipping costs and on excess material that will only cause a lot of wastage.

Carriers charge shipping based not only on weight but parcel size, too, so finding the right packaging for your products can save you from a headache of shipping fees!

More cost effective for your brand. Beauty products with purple background.

5. Memorable unboxing experience

You must have heard the cliché that the first impression is the last impression. As over-simplified as this cliché may sound; when it comes to packaging, it holds a lot of value. The first physical touchpoint that your customer has with your product is when they hold the package in their hands.

Unboxing videos on social media have reached a point that they are a whole new genre now. If you type #unboxing on YouTube or Instagram, you will get millions of results. Many of those unboxing videos can get millions of views, furthering the importance of a strong brand presence. 

You want to offer something to your customers that they will remember in a positive way and giving them a memorable unboxing experience will ensure just that. Want some ideas on some surprise and delight marketing tips? Read more from Blanka’s article here.

6. Conclusion 

This article shows the many advantages of using custom packaging for your beauty business like finding cost-effective ways to brand your orders and creating a memorable unboxing experience. 

The beauty industry has a lot of competition and in order you stand out, you have to give your customers the best experience possible. Investing in custom packaging is a great way to do that!

Building your brand can be simple - Blanka can help with that! Take your final step and sign up with Blanka to start your private label beauty business with the help of custom packaging with Arka.

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Arka is a packaging company that provides custom and unbranded packaging that is eco-friendly. All of Arka’s products are FSC certified. 

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