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Don't let your customers fall behind from TikTok's hottest makeup trends of 2023! From the bold and vibrant Tomato & Berry Girls to the creativity and playfulness of the Scrunch makeup, we rounded up this year's viral makeup aesthetics along with product recommendations from our diverse catalog of products to help your customers flawlessly recreate each unique trend.

Gone are the days when you had to comb through countless magazines to keep up with the latest makeup and skincare trends. In today's fast-paced digital age, all you have to do is scroll and click, which makes trends accessible but also makes it harder to catch up. TikTok has been an incubator for all kinds of beauty and makeup trends, from ugly beauty to skin cycling and every other bizarre trend in between (we’re looking at you blueberry-milk-chocolate-cinnamon-candy-glazed-doughnut).

While some TikTok trends enjoy their brief moments in the spotlight before fading into obscurity, a select few manage to stand the test of time. In this article, we'll delve into four of our favorite TikTok aesthetic trends of 2023, along with product recommendations from Blanka to help your customers recreate the look:

  1. Tomato & Berry Girl
  2. Espresso Makeup
  3. Cottagecore
  4. Scrunch Makeup

Tomato & Berry Girl: A Timeless Summer-to-Fall Transition

Tomato & Berry Girl: A Timeless Summer-to-Fall Transition

The Tomato Girl trend is still sizzling hot, and it shows no signs of cooling down as we transition into the Fall season. If you thought summer was the exclusive domain of tomato and berry-inspired aesthetics, think again. This trend is evolving with the season, embracing deeper red tones that resonate with Autumn's arrival. Think Fall foliage, bold reds, luscious berry hues, and a sun-kissed flush. 

  1. Lipstick (BLNK-MB-01-01-LS-P005)
  2. Lip Gloss (BLNK-MB-01-01-LG-LG15)
  3. Matte Lip Stain (BLNK-MB-01-01-MT-LSP77)
  4. Single Pan Blush (BLNK-CO-01-02-SP-SPB48)

Espresso Makeup: The Bold Evolution of the Latte Trend

Espresso Makeup: The Bold Evolution of the Latte Trend

While the Latte Makeup trend was all about effortless and understated beauty, Espresso Makeup gives the concept a bolder and more intense look. It's the grungy cousin of the latte look, embodying the richness and depth of its namesake beverage. Espresso Makeup showcases a bronzed complexion, intensified eye makeup, and an overall sultry allure. To master this trend, consider adding these products to your storefront:

  1. Single Pan Eyeshadow (BLNK-CO-01-04-SP-SPE178)
  2. Matte Lip Stain (BLNK-MB-01-01-MT-LSP70)
  3. Lip Gloss (BLNK-MB-01-01-LG-LG25 and BLNK-MB-01-01-LG-LG08)
  4. Lip Pencil (BLNK-MB-01-01-LP-K333)
  5. Bronzer (BLNK-MB-01-02-BR-BRZ03)

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Cottagecore Aesthetic: A Whimsical Journey Through Nature-Inspired Beauty

Cottagecore Aesthetic: A Whimsical Journey Through Nature-Inspired Beauty

Cottagecore, with its charming and nostalgic appeal, can be worn in a variety of ways. It can take on the form of a soft and glowy style, featuring barely-there makeup that pairs perfectly with sunshine and just a hint of dewy perspiration. Alternatively, it can venture into the whimsical realm of a full forest-fantasy face, where earthy tones and ethereal highlights reign supreme. Here are our favorite products that can help capture the essence of Cottagecore:

  1. Single Pan Eyeshadow (BLNK-CO-01-04-SP-SPE239 & BLNK-CO-01-04-SP-SPE245)
  2. Liquid Shimmer (BLNK-MB-01-04-SH-SHM07)
  3. Lipstick (BLNK-MB-01-01-LS-P009)

Scrunch Makeup: Elevating the Nose to Main Character Status

Scrunch Makeup: Elevating the Nose to Main Character Status

There used to be a time when nose makeup was all about contours and highlights, but we’re happy to report that those times have changed! The Scrunch Makeup trend, conceived by makeup artist Mei Pang wanting to experiment with her nose wrinkles. What we love about this trend is it gives the nose the main character energy it deserves. We do this by adding intensely colorful eyeshadow to the bridge of the nose and then "scrunching" it up while applying white setting powder on top. The result is curated lines of demarcation that transform the nose into a work of art. To explore the world of Scrunch Makeup, consider these essential products:

  1. Eyeshadow Palette (BLNK-MB-01-04-SP-ETM104)
  2. Liquid Shimmer (BLNK-MB-01-04-SH-SHM04)
  3. Single Pan Eyeshadow (BLNK-CO-01-04-SP-SPE60 & BLNK-CO-01-04-SP-SPE306)

As we conclude our journey through TikTok beauty trends, we encourage you not to fall behind on providing your customers with what the current trends call for. From the striking and vivid Tomato and Berry Girls to the captivating charm of Scrunch makeup, we’ve showcased this year’s most viral makeup aesthetics and offered product recommendations from our diverse catalog to assist you in helping your customers easily recreate each unique trend. In a world where trends change as swiftly as a TikTok swipe, keeping up and revitalizing your ecommerce storefront has never been more accessible, especially with the help of Blanka. 

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