6 creative ideas for your next brand awareness campaign

As a new entrepreneur in the private label beauty business, you should try to increase your brand awareness to attract new customers. This is how you should start thinking about your next brand awareness campaign.

In this article, we’re going to cover the following topics so you can increase your brand awareness for your private label beauty business:

  • What is brand awareness?
  • The importance of brand awareness
  • What is a brand awareness campaign?
  • How do you measure your brand awareness campaign?
  • The creative ways to increase brand awareness

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is how familiar your target customers are with your brand. Increasing brand awareness is important, especially in the early stages of a new business to help stand out from the competition.

The importance of brand awareness

When you think of popular lipstick brands, what is the first brand that comes to mind? Whatever brand you thought of is doing a good job being at the forefront of building brand awareness in that industry among their competitors.

When people are aware of your brand, they usually think of three attributes: your name, your product, and your values or company ethos. When they continually find similarities between your brand’s values and their own, they’ll likely be a customer for life.

What is a brand awareness campaign?

A brand awareness campaign is a carefully curated initiative for businesses to promote their company, products and highlight what they stand for to make a good impression for their ideal customer. The campaign can include social media assets, paid advertising, in-person events and activations, and more!

A successful awareness campaign will result in a lot more people knowing about your brand and should result in an increase in sales.

How do you measure your brand awareness campaign?

You don’t need to use an agency just yet! Here are some free tools and metrics you can use to measure brand awareness.

One of the most typical ways to measure brand awareness is by a metric called Share of Voice (SOV). This is a metric that illustrates your place in the market compared to competitors. It’s a great starting point to understand how popular your brand is compared to your competitors!

You can measure SOV in by how your brand performs in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) or organic social mentions, shares, and follows. You can read more about how you can calculate SOV in Search Engine Journal’s article.

Another way to measure brand awareness is with a Net Promoter Score (NPS score), where you survey customers about their loyalty and likelihood to recommend your brand or product to their networks, friends and followers.

All of these combined metrics can help your company better understand your customer lifetime value by assigning a value to your brand awareness.

Tools you can use to start measuring brand awareness today

Instagram analytics – Track social media engagement and growth using Instagram’s analytics. Within the app, you can find out which demographics your content reaches, which posts do better than others, and more!

💡Blanka tip: make sure you change your account to a business or creator account to view these metrics!💡

Google analytics – Review website traffic and keyword volume data with Google analytics. This is a simple tool to see if search volumes for your targeted keywords are increasing. In Google analytics, you can also measure increases in organic search traffic on top of the keywords you are trying to rank for.

Baseline metrics – Lastly, measure brand awareness against your current baseline numbers. You can start with noting how many visitors are coming to your website, your social following, or organic traffic numbers.

Keeping track of weekly numbers can give insight to what you can focus your efforts on… and also what you should spend less time on. This can help you allocate time and resources to the things that help your brand awareness and business grow.

6 Creative ways to build a brand awareness campaign

1. Pop-up beauty store

Pop-up stores are ‘low risk’ and ‘low-cost’. It’s considered low-cost for testing a new concept or new products. Sometimes, it can get costly to build out a physical store but ultimately cheaper than starting your first, and more permanent, brick and mortar store.

collage type images of pop up beauty stores
Glossier and Pitanium’s pop-up shops. Images from RLI and Atlanta Magazine.

There are often options where you can join a group pop-up store to keep costs down. An example of this is Story, located in New York. They keep it fresh and fun with rotating themes throughout the year full of curated brands.

As your sales volume grows, you can determine if you have the budget for a small pop up store! It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as Glossier’s pop-up store, you can start with a booth and style it to your own brand vision.

2. Create fun Tiktok Reels

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a scrolling frenzy on Tiktok? The trends, music, and dances are addicting!

This is where you can exercise your creativity to promote your own private label beauty brand. It comes to no surprise that viral beauty products on Tiktok boost sales. Read more about Tiktok Marketing to boost sales and brand awareness.

💡Blanka tip: you can repurpose your Tiktok content across your other social channels, too! 💡

3. Freebies

Treat your customers! With every purchase, send them a small gift that they’ll love. You can include samples of other products, cute stickers that promote your brand, or something that your customers will truly appreciate!

Not only can you give small gifts to your existing customers, hit the street and hand out free samples to strangers. We recommend handing out samples with a small insert card to let them know what your beauty brand is all about!

💡Blanka tip: For your loyal or VIP customers, ship out extra samples so they can share with their friends! After all, word-of-mouth sales have been proven to be 5x more effective than paid ads💡

Everyone will appreciate the extra kindness from your company.

4. Local Partnerships

This is the perfect opportunity to build your community! Find some local companies in your city to collaborate with, preferably those who have similar brand values.

Partnerships can be as small as selling some of your smaller beauty products in an esthetician’s storefront or as big as offering collaborative deals with partnering businesses.

If your beauty brand focuses on selling skincare products, partnering with a local esthetician who does facials would make sense! Or if your beauty brand sells lip kits and sets, you could find partnerships with makeup artists to create a promotional package (10% off wedding makeover + 15% off lip kit bundles).

Another collaboration idea is where you can provide the makeup and makeup artists provide makeovers for the first 25 customers! Remember, a sense of urgency encourages people to buy!

Best of all, you can expand your network of local entrepreneurs who are growing their business just like you. The sky’s the limit when it comes to collaborations!

5. Outdoor events

Find a day where the weather is cooperative and plan for an outdoor event! Another collaborative opportunity to try out. You can pair up with yoga teachers for an outdoor “inner beauty” yoga class, throw a fun tournament for any participants to join, and more!

The best part of this is that you can rep your brand with freebies, product giveaways, or prizes for everyone! This is a great way to start connecting with people in your community and to spread the word about your brand.

💡Blanka tip: Events and activations are a great way to acquire customer information! Make sure you have a way to capture email addresses or social followers at the event. Don’t forget to offer them an incentive for signing up.💡

A great example of this is when Superbolt Tea teamed up with Ride Cycle Club and Reyal Performance to host an outdoor event. With the right brand vision amongst other local businesses, you can create an in-person experience for the community and increase brand awareness.

screen capture of superbolt tea's collaboration
Unique outdoor collaboration. Image taken from Superbolt Tea Instagram

6. Social media contests

Social media contests can be used to amplify your brand by partnering with someone or another brand that has more followers, more brand recognition than you have.

Your beauty brand can partner up with an influencer to do a fun challenge or a collaborative video together. The more eyes that see your name on screen, the more likes, new followers, and new customers you’ll get!

Another idea is to do a joint giveaway with another brand. If you search #beautygiveaway on Instagram, you will find a library of giveaway examples you can do!

screen capture of beauty giveaway on instagram


As you’re growing your private label beauty business, you want to start developing your brand awareness campaigns to reach a wider audience and more potential customers. When you’re thinking outside the box and creating meaningful experiences, people will remember your brand!

If you’re looking to start your own beauty brand, check out our app and get a 14 day trial for free!

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