Why we started Blanka

World, meet Blanka. Blanka, meet world!

We are so excited to announce the launch of Blanka, an app that lets anyone start a branded product line. You found us, so you might already be thinking about starting a private label business.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

For the past year, we have worked night and day to bring you a platform that streamlines the entire process of private labelling (aka white labelling) products.

We have sourced the highest quality products from North America, built the infrastructure to print your logo onto products, and set up the Blanka warehouse to dropship all your products direct to your end customers.

how Blanka works
The three step process of Blanka

You might be wondering how we got here? How did Blanka come to be?

Well, it all started in 2020… you might remember something called COVID-19? As the pandemic began to spread globally and impact our communities, we saw a shift: more people were working from home or exploring how to find new work online. People were embracing the digital world, and everything started to happen online, all from the comfort of our couches and kitchen tables.

At the very same time, I wanted to start and grow my own beauty brand online business. I was faced with so many unknowns though...

How do you create a private label line without having to research hundreds of suppliers?

Or without having to purchase 1,000 units upfront?

Or without having to deal with painful shipping logistics?

We searched high and low for a platform that would automate this process, and couldn’t find anything.

Lightbulb moment: What if launching a product line was just as easy as launching a blog? With more people at home, looking for their next gig or perhaps their latest side-hustle, what would it take to help anyone launch their own business?

Enter, Blanka.

Today, we bring to you everything you need to start your private label business.

We have added hundreds of cosmetics, makeup, and beauty products to Blanka’s catalog.

But this is only the beginning.

Since then, we have continuously been dropping tons of new products and product categories, so that you can launch the business of your dreams.

Whether you are an influencer looking to monetize your following, or an entrepreneur excited to launch a product line – Blanka is here for you.

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