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How TikTok and Blanka work together

Sell your Beauty Brand on TikTok Shop

Launching your beauty brand on TikTok Shop offers a unique opportunity. TikTok has made it easy for brands to create engaging videos showcasing their products, incorporating TikTok's shopping features for seamless purchasing. This strategy helps engage a diverse audience, lowers advertisement costs, and can act as a strong organic sales channel to boost your brand's growth. Aligning your beauty brand with the evolving dynamics of e-commerce on TikTok Shop is the way to go, and this is why Blanka has partnered with TikTok to make growing your brand even more accessible through our seamless integration.

Does TikTok Shop Work in my Region?

Need to sign up for TikTok Shop, but don't know if your region qualifies? TikTok Shop currently offers its services in many different regions and is working one expanding this service.

To find out if you're able to sell in your region, visit TikTok Shop's Seller Center here.

How to Get Started

Selling on TikTok Shop

Simplify the sale of your Shopify store products with Blanka. By integrating with TikTok as a Sales Channel, businesses can effortlessly sync orders between Shopify and TikTok. Thanks to Blanka's seamless integration with Shopify, setting up TikTok Shop has become a breeze!

Blanka then fulfills Shopify orders coming through TikTok Shop, bringing businesses like yours one step closer to having a well-oiled sales machine through Shopify.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to sell on TikTok Shop via Shopify

1. Add TikTok as a Sales Channel

Go to your Shopify store admin, and add TikTok as a sales channel for your Shopify store. This action will connect your Blanka products to the TikTok platform.

2. Connect your Product Catalog to TikTok

Utilize TikTok's onboarding flow to sync your custom branded products from Shopify to TikTok, make any profile adjustments as needed, and modify your settings as a seller.

3. Set up your TikTok Shopping Hub

Sync your Blanka product catalog with TikTok, so that your custom branded products appear directly on your TikTok Shop.

4. No worries, Blanka will take care of the rest

Here at Blanka, we’ll automatically process, print, package, and ship all your orders coming through TikTok Shop so you can focus on marketing and selling.


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What's the benefit of using Shopify with Blanka?

Zero minimum order quantity

Order 1 at a time if you wish!

Hassle-free dropshipping

We handle the logistics.

Private label beauty products

Hundreds of high-quality products.

Automated order processing

Manage all your orders in one place.

Integrated inventory tracking

Warehousing and fulfilfulfilment services.

North-American made products

High quality, cruelty-free, vegan, & more!

Can I use Blanka without Shopify?

Absolutely! You can use Blanka without Shopify. Our private label beauty app can work with any ecommerce platform.

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