How to Sell Beauty Products via Instagram Shop

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How to set up Instagram Shop

Boost your Shopify sales with Instagram Shopping

Instagram, initially conceived as a social networking haven, has transcended its original purpose in recent years. This transformation gained momentum, especially with the introduction of Instagram Shopping following the continued triumph of Facebook Shopping. For brands, understanding that your Instagram presence extends beyond mere awareness is crucial! Enter Shopify's seamless integration with Instagram, a game-changer that propels your presence on the app to new heights. With a few clicks within the app, customers can effortlessly purchase your products, through a streamlined sales experience and with a higher elevated conversion rate. The numbers don't lie - statistics show a remarkable 37% surge in sales through the strategic use of product tagging on Instagram Shopping!

Yet, the allure of selling on Instagram extends beyond the financial gains. It allows you to craft compelling narratives around your products, harness the potential of user-generated content (UGC), and significantly boost your product visibility. The benefits are manifold, painting a picture of a thriving and dynamic marketplace within the vibrant Instagram ecosystem.

Am I eligible for Instagram Shopping in my region?

Need to sign up for Instagram Shopping, but don't know if your region qualifies? Instagram Shopping currently offers its services in many different regions and is working on expanding this service. To find out if you're able to sell in your region, visit Instagram Shopping's help article.

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How to Get Started

Selling on Instagram Shopping

Simplify the sale of your Shopify store products with Blanka. Thanks to Blanka's seamless integration with Shopify, setting up Instagram Shopping has become a breeze! Simply import products from your Blanka catalog to your Commerce Manager catalog on Meta through Shopify. From there, you'll be able to manage your products on Shopify and see the changes reflected on your Instagram Shop instantly.

When orders start coming through your Instagram Shop, Blanka handles all fulfillment, bringing businesses like yours one step closer to having a well-oiled sales machine through the Shopify ecosystem.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to sell via Instagram Shopping

1. Set up your shop using Commerce Manager

Use Meta's Commerce Manager to set up your shop, or alternatively through Shopify's Instagram and Facebook App Integration page.

Bonus tip: Enable checkout on Instagram if you're a US-based business to increase conversions!

2. Connect your Product Catalog to Instagram Shop

Once you're done this step, you'll then submit your account for review. You can do this by going to your Instagram profile settings and tapping on Sign Up for Instagram Shopping. Then follow the steps outlined to submit your account for review.

The reviews are usually quick and only take a few business days. Once you've passed the review, go to your Instagram profile settings to enable your product catalog.

3. Tag your products on Instagram Shop

To tag products in your posts, simply:

  1. Tap on Tag Products in the photo or video you want to tag.
  2. Search for the products you'd like to tag, and select the right items.
  3. Tap Done and Share.

Your tagged products are then displayed on the post, and can easily be shopped directly from Instagram.

4. No worries, Blanka will take care of the rest

When you get an order for a product you have custom branded via Blanka, we’ll automatically process, print, package, and ship your orders coming through your Instagram Shop so you can focus on marketing, selling, and growing your ecommerce business.


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Can I use Blanka without Shopify?

Absolutely! You can use Blanka without Shopify. Our private label beauty app can work with any ecommerce platform.

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