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Get ready for the holiday season by starting your beauty brand today!

We’ve got the perfect products for you to sell this holiday season!

eyeshadow palettes


Create your own branded makeup collection with our eyeshadow palettes! Build your brand in time for the holiday season with blanka.

Give your customers a mesmerizing eye look with our creamy 6 shade eyeshadow palette. A buildable texture so you can blend or layer effortlessly for greater shade intensity to complete a full look.

Ecommerce Integrations

blanka currently integrates with the best ecommerce platforms.

Build your brand with blanka today.

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Can I use blanka without Shopify?

Absolutely! You can use blanka without Shopify.

We are a private label beauty Shopify app for your retail store or any other ecommerce platform.

Start your private label beauty business today!