Get your brand ready for Valentine's Day 2024: A Guide

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's time to give your online beauty store a dose of love and make your customers feel extra special. As a beauty entrepreneur, Valentine's Day is an opportunity to spread love and boost your Q1 sales during a major marketable calendar event that customers are ready to splurge on. Embrace the season, add a dash of romance to your strategies, and get ready to make hearts flutter! Here's your ultimate guide to preparing your ecommerce beauty brand for this heart-filled season: 

Self-care is the new flowers and chocolates

Previous data from Bazaarvoice’s Influenster shows as many as 70% of women surveyed would prefer to receive beauty products from their loved ones, surpassing those who prefer flowers, chocolates and even jewellery. And over the past few years the industry has significantly grown to cater to the increasing demand, not just among women but men too.

With more people investing into self care, as well as themes like Galentine’s Day becoming an increasingly popular trend for Valentine’s Day celebrations, the demand for beauty and self care products is surging.

Get your brand ready for Valentine's Day 2024 sales

How to prepare your store for Valentine’s Day

  1. Set the scene and prepare your storefront

  2. Put your Valentine’s Day products front and center

  3. Consider doing a dedicated promotion

  4. Create a heartfelt digital marketing campaign

  5. Extra touches

  6. Prepare the logistics


  1. Set the scene and prepare your storefront: Whether it’s through a custom landing page or swoon-worthy visuals and banners, having your website decked out for the season will not only catch your target market’s attention, it will also help your customers find the Valentine’s Day content they want more quickly, and help improve your business’s searchability in relation to the holiday. Of course, SEO initiatives like this need to be implemented as quickly as possible to allow them time to begin producing results. But once they’re in place, your store has a stronger likelihood of appearing in SERPs as shoppers execute Valentine’s Day-related searches.

  2. Put your Valentine’s Day products front and center: Dedicate a section of your website’s home page or landing page to relevant products, and create a category page for Valentine’s Day-related items. This allows your customers to easily find what they are looking for and at the same it creates an opportunity for you to upsell related products.

  3. Dedicated promotion: Consider discounting select products or creating Valentine’s Day promo codes. Another way you can discount products and clear out inventory is through product bundling where you sell related products together at a cheaper price. Limited edition products or bundles also create a sense of urgency for shoppers and will all make better gifts. (because why get the single eyeshadow when you can get a blush and eyeshadow combo for a cheaper price!)

  4. Create a heartfelt digital marketing campaign: Get your social media platforms ready for a love takeover. Engage your audience with Valentine's Day related content like beauty tips, romantic looks, or self-love routines. You can also encourage your followers to share their love stories and increase your account’s reach through a giveaway using a dedicated hashtag.

    Don’t forget to craft email campaigns by sharing exclusive Valentine's Day offers, sneak peeks, or heartfelt messages. A little inbox love can go a long way in winning your customers' hearts.

  5. Extra touches: If you have the time or budget, consider adding special touches to your customer’s experience. Whether it’s personalized handwritten notes or custom packaging specially designed for Valentine’s Day, these little extra things will enhance the unboxing experience for your customers and their loved ones. A little extra effort goes a long way in making your customers feel cherished.

  6. Prepare the logistics: Around Valentine’s Day would be the busiest time for you, from shipping to restocking products and everything in between. Make sure the whole process is as smooth and seamless as possible, not just for you but on your customer’s end too. A hassle-free buying experience is crucial for turning those admirers into devoted customers.

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